Cupping Therapy

  • Improves circulatory and lymphatic function
  • Discharges waste and toxins
  • Improves metabolism within the skin tissues
  • Loosens areas of adhesion or restriction
  • Softens contracted, congested tissue structures quickly

Standard Cupping Therapy Pricing Options

30 Minute Cupping Therapy – $50

60 Minute Cupping Therapy – $90

Abdominal Cupping Pricing Options

30 Minute Abdominal Cupping Single Treatment – $60

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping or Negative Pressure Therapy is an ancient medical practice, still popular today for its effectiveness in improving a variety of conditions in a non-invasive way. Using specially designed cups of varying sizes, local suction is created on the skin which mobilizes blood flow to promote healing. As the cups move, the pulling action engages the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing deep relaxation to move through the entire body. People are often surprised at how relaxed, warm, and light they feel, hours or even days after a treatment.

What are the discolorations that occur during treatments?

The most common and unfortunate misconception concerning Cupping Therapy is the misinterpretation of the marks sometimes resulting from the treatment. These discolorations are not bruises. 

The vacuum formed by Cupping draws up the old non-circulating stagnant blood and sticky fluids from the area, bringing them up to the surface and away from the injury so that the healthy free circulation can be restored to the affected area, thus making space for oxygen, living cells and nutrients for faster recovery. The discoloration is often different for each person depending on the level of toxicity within the muscle. There is no trauma or capillary rupture as in bruising, as evidenced by the immediate fading of the marks as compared to bruising. Once you feel the results of this therapy and understand what the discoloration can come from, you will know there is no cause for concern.

Why does it work?

When injuries take place deep in the muscle, bleeding often occurs, causing deep bruises. There will also be edema in the area involving the coagulation of sticky proteins. This usually results in stagnation of circulation in the area – causing pain, dysfunction, and chronic conditions. The vacuum formed by Cupping draws up the old non-circulating stagnant blood and sticky fluids, bringing them to the surface and away from the injury. Healthy free circulation is restored, thus making space for oxygen, living cells and nutrients to enable faster recovery.