No Sweat Intro

Getting Started at The Workshop

Our diverse service offerings provide an individualistic approach to fitness and spa services.

The Workshop will provide expert services for each individual without trying to fit you into a pre-defined box. We welcome everyone to come chat with us to see what you can gain by coming here!

No Sweat Intro:

A Free 30 Minute Consultation

Our “No Sweat Intro” is a private, free consultation that provides an opportunity for you to share your background, past injuries, concerns, and (most importantly) your unique goals. For some, the conversation is very quick, for others it’s a bit more in depth. This is not a sales session.

  • Share your background and unique goals.
  • Develop a custom plan of action unique to your fitness or spa goals.
  • Tour of The Workshop.
  • Get your questions answered.

Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense.
Regularly learn and play new sports.
– Greg Glassman