Pilates Class Types

Private Lessons

A private lesson is a one-on-one session with an instructor. The 50-55 minute lesson is the ideal way to learn pilates. Each body has many different needs based on goals, injuries, strengths or weaknesses. A private lesson will give your body a tailored program with the combination of mat work and apparatus work (equipment). Your program changes as needed. You may have heard the quote “in ten sessions you will feel better, in twenty sessions you will look better, and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.” This quote, from Joseph Pilates, was based on doing the 30 sessions as privates, three times per week, for ten consecutive weeks and is widely used in the pilates world because it can be true. The important thing to remember is what it means. Most people cannot dedicate ten consecutive weeks and may not be able to afford what 30 private lessons cost in that amount of time. This is why it usually takes longer than ten weeks or 30 sessions to have a “whole new body.” Privates lessons are prepaid and scheduled by appointment only.

Semi-Private Lessons

A semi-private lesson is a session with up to three clients to one instructor. The 50-55 minute lesson is a great lower-cost alternative to a private lesson. You should be healthy and okay on your own for a few minutes at a time. You are required to know your own program and must be semi-approved before going into this type of lesson. Although most of the time you will do your own program, the instructor may choose to keep everyone together for change of routine. New exercises may be taught, but generally are taught in private lessons. Also, if you only take semi-privates and/or mat classes regularly, it is important to take an occasional private lesson. This will monitor your progress, fine tune exercises, add new ones, or modify your program if needed. Semis are ideal for those that enjoy to work out in a group setting. Semi-privates are prepaid and scheduled by appointment only.

Group Apparatus Lessons

Group apparatus class is 50 minutes of high energy exercises with a combination of mat and Pilates apparatus with up to 6 people per class. You should be healthy enough to get up and down from the ground, be independent enough to be safe with verbal direction and be responsible to know when to stop or ask for a modification if needed. These are fun workouts at a lower cost and can be a great way to add another Pilates class to your workout routine.

Open Studio

These are hours that one may add for working out in the studio doing known exercises on their own. It is necessary to be taking at least one lesson per week with an instructor, and have had a minimum of 10 privates to learn basics for safety of your body and equipment. In addition, having approval from an instructor to participate in required for safety. Instructor must be on the floor. $30 per hour floor fee or $150 monthly – unlimited for the hours available. Sign up to reserve your spot as space is limited to 3 per hour. For times, please check our online schedule availability.

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