Kim Engelke
  • Licensed Master Esthetician – Washington State #99016
  • Certified Acne Specialist – Face Reality Acne Clinic
  • Licensed Medical Massage Practitioner – Washington State #MA60432921
  • Certified Cupping Therapist
  • Certified Medical Massage Therapist
  • Certified Pilates Instructor – Pilates Method Alliance #12831
  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
  • USAW Sports Performance Coach

Kim has been surrounded by people throughout her life that have felt powerless over their own health. Because of the consistency of these interactions and the desire to help others, the dream to open a wellness center began. This facility would someday be aimed at improving health and fitness for every person, regardless of current skill level or health. This path started over 10 years ago from folding laundry and answering phones as a receptionist at the spa all the way through several year long apprenticeships to finally opening The Workshop with Katie Kahumoku in 2016.

With this facility, she strives to implement the most effective, efficient ways to improve the skin and body not only for the time you are on her table or in her class but also when you get home. Her philosophy is that the body is an intricate system and a visit to the The Workshop, regardless of service, is merely one step on a bigger journey toward health. Each of her licenses and certifications are a carefully planned, conscious step in increasing her knowledge of the skin and body as a whole. This philosophy is transferred into highly skilled, detail-oriented, passionate desire to help others through her practice.

Whether your concerns are acne, injury or just prepping for your next big event, she will not only help but explain the reasons behind the steps and products you need to get there so that you can continue to make more informed decisions for yourself long after your appointment.

This respect and care for each client individually is why clients continue to come back and why Kim keeps practicing!
Her hobbies include Pilates, Crossfit and playing with her dog, Boo.

Katie Kahumoku
  • Certified Classical Pilates Instructor (Romana)
  • Pilates Teacher Trainer (Atlas Pilates)

Katie moved to Seatttle in 1996. She has always been drawn to fitness and wellness, so when a co-worker recovered from a whiplash injury using Pilates, Katie was intrigued. After just a few lessons, she was hooked. After several years as a client, she went through the training program at what was “The Pilates Studio of Seattle” (now Pilates Seattle International) and became certified to teach in 2001. After multiple rear-end collisions, Katie rehabilitated every injury with Pilates. She was also able to correct a naturally tight upper back, hyper-extended knocked knees and flat feet by taking bi-weekly lessons.
She has built her career on the belief that Pilates and hard work can at the very least reduce, and most of the time eliminate pain. The personal connection she has with clients is very important to her and customer service is a top priority in the studio. She has worked in several studios, and opened Pilates in the Village in early 2006. She always tries make time to give back in some way, usually teaching at least one hour a week to someone in need, but without a budget for Pilates. The hope is to offer more of that as her team gets stronger can take on more.
She credits many of her instructors for all that they have taught her. She had the opportunity to learn from Romana Krysonowska for several years and did her final testing with her. Romana’s passion for Joe’s work was an inspiration to always try her best to help a client. However, it is with working and learning from Lori Coleman-Brown that Katie credits as her biggest influence.
Education is very important to Katie, whether it is something big or small a client may teach her, taking lessons, continuing education workshops or work groups at Atlas. She is looking forward to having the opportunity to work with Lori as a Teacher Trainer at Atlas Pilates in Seattle and hopefully traveling to teach as well.
Katie is a dedicated mom to three boys and a dog, a wife, a full-time instructor and studio co-owner. Her life is very full and never boring! Without the help from the team at PITV and a supportive husband and family, it wouldn’t get done, so she is very thankful for the 12 wonderful years of owning and operating Pilates in the Village in Edmonds.
In 2014 Katie and Kim Engelke connected through Pilates. With similar goals and Kim’s business mind, the two decided to team up and open The Workshop in 2016.

Emily Haldeman
  • Certified Classical Pilates Instructor (Romana)

At the age of 18 Emily found Pilates after a major car accident left her with joint damage and chronic hip pain. Doctors told her that her only option was months of cortisone injections and message therapy for momentary relief but ultimately there was no course of lasting treatment or correction available.
After a month of consistent Pilates sessions three times a week Emily’s joint pain was gone and her overall health and well being improved.
From her own transformative experience grew a desire to help others find relief from pain, a greater understanding of movement and the freedom that comes with a strong Pilates body. Emily’s teaching style stems from being a visual learner with degrees in both the Fine Arts and Business Emily understands that Pilates instruction should be tailored to the individual and enjoys the challenge of finding cues and teaching methods that reach the client in a way that brings them the greatest understanding of the work.

Hanni Reeb
  • Certified Classical Pilates Instructor (Romana)

As a youth, Hanni was a gymnast, swimmer and diver. In her early adulthood she taught Aerobics and acted in musical theater which often involved dance choreography and acrobatics. Entering the corporate world and ultimately starting a family, she made little time to pursue such movement oriented activities. As a result, health took a backseat and a sedentary lifestyle took precedence.
Then, in 1998 Hanni started Pilates when a friend needed a practice client for her apprenticeship program at P.S.I. She was very eager to try out a system that promised a whole new body after 30 sessions. She worked out thrice weekly and was amazed at the transformation. She was thrilled to have found a program that embodied everything that she felt was important in exercise, and that actually kept her attention all through out.
Ever since, she has become almost evangelical about Pilates. Her hiking, swimming, triathlon training (and even Parallel parking—ask about that one!) have all benefited from it. Over the years several people have approached her, thanking her for recommending such a program.
Happy that she has influenced these people to do something that produced such positive results, she decided to become certified to be directly involved with people’s transformational results.
You will instantly become aware of her enthusiasm and commitment to the Pilates practice as soon as you sign up for a session with her. In her teaching, she draws from her many interests and life experiences around the world, in her former career in international marketing, as well as being a mom and school volunteer. Hanni uses a lot of visuals and descriptive language to help you understand your goals in executing each move. She has an uninhibited style of using her voice to get you to into the rhythm of an exercise as well. You will progress in your Pilates practice, knowing that you have a teacher that respects the work so immensely that she is constantly in movement workshops, honing her craft and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Karen Quarre
  • Certified Classical Pilates Instructor PMA #12205

Karen began practicing Pilates in 2002. She has always been active in sports since childhood and loved the challenge and focus of Pilates.

After practicing Pilates for 9 years Karen took the next step and became certified with the Pilates Method Alliance in 2011 training in the classical method through Power Pilates.

Karen also teaches Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic and loves how these two movement disciplines compliment Pilates. Karen enjoys introducing Pilates to new clients and seeing the amazing transformation occur both physically and mentally. Karen enjoys working with all ages and fitness levels. Outside of Pilates she enjoys spending time with her family, mountain biking, hiking, skiing and cooking.

Andrea Owens
  • Washington State Licensed Esthetician

Andrea was first introduced to skin care and facials in 2001 by a passionate Esthetician right here in Edmonds, WA. She fell in love with the relaxation of facials and the amazing results she noticed in her skin and overall health. She decided that this was her ultimate career path and became licensed in 2002.

Her philosophy is focusing on client education, the benefits of skincare and the importance of nutrition and wellness on the overall health of one’s skin and body.

Over the years Andrea has lived and worked in the United States, Mexico and Panama performing facials and doing bridal makeup. Her love for adventure has allowed her to experience different cultures. She enjoys nutritional cooking, the study of essential oils, yoga, meditation, hiking, camping and being outdoors.

Heidi Merkel

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