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Welcome to Edmonds

The Workshop is a nearly 3,000 square foot water-facing fitness boutique containing a dedicated Pilates apparatus studio and fully equipped Personal Training gym. We also have a full service Therapeutic Massage inside. Our non-toxic studio houses top of the line equipment build for the safety and efficacy of your training and well being. Built from the bones of two popular local businesses, Pilates In The Village and True Form Day Spa, The Workshop is the world’s first successful merger of a Classical Pilates training, Pilates Apprenticeship Program and Personal Training gym.

We specialize in small, personalized training to fit your exact body and needs. This training philosophy creates longer lasting, powerful results over time for every person walking through our door. We can help rehabilitate your injuries, develop a well-rounded athletic program or anything in between. Our entire staff is highly educated. We attend continuing education yearly, sometimes monthly! We work with all body types and abilities and there is no goal we can’t help you achieve.

You can find us near busy waterfront businesses such as Top Pot Donuts, Spuds Fish N’ Chips, Hunni Water Co, Scratch Distillery, Brigid’s Bottleshop, and more. Our dedicated parking lot near the Kingston Ferry and Amtrak station make us one of the easiest locations to visit in Edmonds but our educated and knowledgeable staff will keep you coming back.

We have a long standing history of taking clients from injury to a healthy, happy and functional life. We have built our reputation on trust and communication. Don’t wait – Come visit us to start your journey today!


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