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Gym Etiquette and FAQ’s

General Policies

  • Please sign in to your classes ahead of time via MindBody Online. This will guarantee you have a place in your class since we have a cap of 10 clients at one time. Not familiar with MindBody? See the FAQ here.
  • Leave your ego at the door – Your safety is priority one for us so listen to your coach and respect their wishes. They are making adjustments for you for a reason. We care that you lift WELL, not how much.
  • Please execute full & proper range of motion on all movements to the best of your ability. We build athletes with efficient and effective movement patterns here. Cheating reps will not be tolerated. You’re really only cheating yourself.
  • Introduce yourself to new people – It’s kind of awesome to know who that sweaty person next to you is Avoid walking where people are exercising
  • Clean up after yourself – Wipe down equipment, put all of your equipment away and take your water bottles/equipment home with you!
  • Don’t skip your recovery! Mobilize, drink water, eat nutritionally dense foods, get massages, sleep well, etc. Have questions about how to recover after being particularly sore? Ask your coach! That’s what they are there for.
  • HAVE FUN! Create fitness! That’s what we’re all here for!

Dropping Weights

  • We consider ourselves an “Urban Crossfit”. This is what we define as a CrossFit gym in any downtown/urban area of a city. Usually located inside of any shopping center or close enough to other businesses that the noise and vibration can have a detrimental effect on what they do.
  • Due to this, we CANNOT drop weights directly onto our floor – our concrete slab creates a vibration that will effect our facility long term and it’s dangerous to those working in the space.
  • Lightweight, repetition based lifting is touch and go only. Hands remain on the bar at all times and under no circumstances is the bar to be dropped directly on the floor.
  • We CAN however drop weights onto our Pound Pads. These are specifically used for any rep maxes and overhead movements where it is unsafe to bring the bar back to your shoulders or back.
  • We CAN also drop the weights in an emergency bail out situation for safety (of course) but this should not be a habit – See reason #1 and #2

Further Explanation On Dropping Weights

There are a couple of reasons we restrict dropping weights.

First, when it comes to dropping weight, there is a fundamental difference between the world of weightlifting and what we do in CrossFit. Because of this difference, we allow you to drop weights when working with max weights, but not at other times, such as during WODs. No matter how cool it may seem to drop that last rep on Fran (or the first rep for some), we are not concerned with how cool people look. We are concerned with increasing our athletes’ strength and efficiency, which in turn enables them to finish WODs faster and with heavier weights. In short, when training at the gym, focus on building strength (which includes the eccentric lowering of weights) and on efficiency with weight…and save the dropping of weights in WODs for competitions.

Secondly, we are lucky to be able to drop weights when we have to, but we still have neighbors. Many CrossFit gym in urban areas have or have had issues with complaints from neighbors and there is always a risk that complaints may jeopardize the business. For all of us who call CrossFit Assemble home, we can’t afford to put our home at risk. So, again, please make every effort to not abuse the privilege of dropping weights.


Frequently Asked Questions