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Policies and Etiquette

If you have questions concerning your upcoming appointment, these general tips may help make the most of your experience.

While most of these tips are meant for a larger facility, they are still generally applicable in boutique locations as well.

Checking In for Pilates or Gyrotonic® : 

For our private, duet or semi lessons, you do not need to check in. They are by appointment, and yours, so we do not need an official check in to keep your appointment.

We also appreciate notification if you’re running behind whether it is a email or text. Your appointment cannot be extended past its original time. You will have your session for the remainder of your scheduled time as soon as you come in.

Your instructor will wait up to 15 minutes after your scheduled start time for your arrival, without a need to let us know. Beyond the 15 minute wait, we need to know either by text or email that you will be late to keep your appointment, otherwise this will be a no show/late cancel and you will still be charged.

For all of our group classes, online check-in with our MindBody system is required. Due to our limited capacity, checking into your class in advance is the only way to guarantee your spot. If a class is full and extra attendees show up, the class spots will go to those checked in first. Anyone else may be asked to come back to another class. If a class is empty with no check-ins 15 minutes prior to class, the Instructor will not be required to attend and that class will be cancelled. Please check in to ensure everyone gets to enjoy our classes and we can adequately plan for the number of guests that will be arriving.

Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel less than 24 hours prior to lesson or massage, you will be charged for the lesson. No exceptions, please. You may cancel via text 206-335-0244 or email us at
If you cannot make it, we are happy to switch you to a virtual lesson (if available) or you may offer your private session to someone to come in your place.

If you are using a gift certificate, it will be redeemed for payment of the late cancel.

Cancellations prior to your 24 hour window have no penalty.

Return/Refund Policy:

All Gift Certificate and service sales are final and may not be refunded. They may, however, be transferred to another individual.

Cell Phones:

We respect that we all have family that may need to contact us at any time throughout the day, and request that you please turn cell phone ringers either off or switch them to vibrate when in the studio. We encourage all of our clients to take pictures or “check-in” to The Workshop (that’s why there is free Wi-Fi!) before and after your appointment but our studio is a space where you can unwind and disconnect from the world for a while.

Please refrain from taking pictures or video of our classes and treatments without our express consent.

Medical Conditions:

Our intake form includes many medical conditions but not every possible condition out there. Please disclose any of this important information before your appointment.

General Tips:

When available, advanced booking – by phone or online booking – will likely minimize your wait time and ensure that you get the day and time most convenient for you.

Please note you may request an appointment with online booking, but not actually book an appointment.

Privacy Policy:

Click here to review our Privacy Policy.

Gift Certificate and Voucher Redemption:

When you are using a voucher or gift certificate to pay for your service, please be aware of these guidelines to make your redemption a process smooth –

  • Handing your voucher or gift certificate to us upon arrival will speed up your check out process and allows us to determine if there is anything you need to know about your appointment or redemption beforehand.
  • Washington State allows for a non expiration of gift cards unless when purchased as a donation item. These will be good for one year from auction or place donation was made to.
  • Pay attention to the purchase date. Most vouchers or Gift Certificates have a date and if purchased as a specific appointment type and not as an amount, the cost of appointment/service may differ after a year of purchase resulting in a credit of amount purchased for.