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“I’ve been doing CrossFit for the past 3 years and when I travel I always look for a box to do a drop-in workout. I’ve had the opportunity to try about 10 other boxes throughout the US and, overall, everyone was nice and I was able to get in a good workout. I’m very partial to my home box, Predation CrossFit, because our coaches are coaching us every minute of every class and I find that when you are lifting very heavy things or doing potentially dangerous gymnastic moves, it’s good to have someone keeping an eye on your form at all times. Usually, most other boxes do a met-con which is great when you’re just trying to get a workout in as you travel, but I’ve found that when other boxes have lifting WODs, they don’t do much coaching. In my travels, I’ve only found one other box, CrossFit Monterrey, that came close to the coaching I receive at my home box, until two days ago. I had tried another CrossFit box in Edmonds and it was OK but, on a whim, I thought I’d try the CrossFit class at The Workshop. I’m taking the time to write this review (which I never do) because I was blown away by how fantastic my experience was at The Workshop. Lana, our coach for the past two days, was nothing short of fantastic. Aside from having a contagiously happy personality, she is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to work with each of us on every move with detailed coaching during the entirety of both classes I attended. I felt like I was at my home box which is a great feeling when you’re the visitor dropping in from out of town. Let’s be honest, CrossFit is very physically taxing and is supposed to be extremely hard if you’re doing it right, but I truly enjoyed both classes she coached. I get to do one more class tomorrow morning and I’m already looking forward to it. My in-laws live in Edmonds so I’m here a couple times a year and from now on I know where I’ll be getting my CrossFit workouts in while I’m in town.” – Christopher H.

“We are a retired couple who share an ongoing package for Pilates instruction. We started in September, 2016 and have attended 2X weekly; one day for a mat class and the other day for our semi-private instruction. AnnMarie Snowden had been our instructor and we are continually amazed by her excellent communication skills, professional knowledge and awareness of pre-existing medical conditions. We took a two week vacation in October and while away, we realized that our bodies had really changed with improved posture and mobility, plus an increase in overall awareness for how we walk, sit, and go about our daily chores. Most evident was that my husband had a problem with his neck and was seeing a chiropractor regularly for adjustments to relieve his pain. After 4 weeks of working with AnnMarie, his pain was gone and now, almost 5 months later it is still gone and he no longer sees a chiropractor. We highly recommend working with AnnMarie and The Workshop.” – Karen M.

“I’ve been taking Pilates with Diane for three years and I love it. I started out with very little ability to move and now I’m strong in my core and my posture is improved and I love my workouts. The equipment is good and the training is fantastic. Katy, who owns the Pilates part of the studio, is an excellent teacher as well. Whatever your level of fitness is, you can be sure they will work with you where you are and help you get stronger.” – Alexis R.

“My name is Elizabeth Hatfield and I am writing this letter today because taking lessons at Pilates in the Village has drastically changed my quality of life.

I came to the studio skeptical. I have always been the person who thinks inside the box and only looks to “traditional” or “mainstream” methods to cure pain and get back in shape. But as a chronic sufferer of migraines and in constant pain from a muscle in my back, I knew that at just 28 it was time for a change and that meant looking at everything.

What I didn’t realize is that Pilates is more “traditional” than any machine I could ever climb on at the gym. In just 5 short months I no longer have back pain!!! My migraines are less frequent and the stress in my life is dramatically less due to that. I LOVE what Pilates has done for my quality of life and as an extra bonus I have lost a dress size! No matter what mood I come to the studio in, I leave feeling energized, refreshed and ready for the day’s challenges. I am hooked for life!
The instructors are incredible and ALWAYS take time to see how I am feeling mentally and physically that day to tailor my workout. No matter what physical shape you are in or what goals you have for yourself, Pilates has a challenging and a rewarding response to it.

I enthusiastically implore all to come and explore Pilates In the Village. After just a few classes you will know what all the buzz is about!” – Sincerely, Elizabeth Hatfield

“Katie’s laser-focus on training form enabled me to advance my workout way beyond what I thought were my “limits.” My time with her created a breakthrough that resulted in improved posture, the strongest core and my best figure to date! Her patience, encouragement and enthusiasm for Pilates made the whole process a delightful part of my day.” –Lenora Edwards, Pilates student since 2001

“Katie has that rare combination of skill, patience, enthusiasm, and intuition. She gets to know your body so she knows how and when to push you, when to offer encouragement. She quickly figures out which exercises work best for you. I highly recommend both Pilates and Katie!” – Bob Delf

“Thank you for all the years of training. When I started Pilates with you five years ago, my main goal was to strengthen my back to relieve me of my pain. I had a chronic back problem and had many years of treatment at the chiropractors.’

I tried three years of lifting weights and that did nothing for my back and actually made me bulk up.

Katie, your knowledge about Pilates and expert guidance has not only solved my many years of back pain, but has also given me flexibility as well. I’m 62 years old and am amazed at how much my body has improved.

I live in Carnation and followed you everywhere you advanced to. However, I had to decline from your upgrade to your new studio in Lynnwood because it was just impossible for me to travel that far twice a week. It was a hard decision and I miss your expert training and wonderful personality. You definitely give 100% to your profession and I would highly recommend you to anyone.

I wish you years of success!” – Respectfully, Amber D. Thompson

“I am 70 years old and Katie has been my loving goddaughter and instructor for many years. She is an amazing instructor and has helped me through many bouts of joint pain. I do not think I’d be as young a 70 if it were not for her. I have also watched and studied with other of her staff and would recommend any of them. This is the best place to get authentic Pilates.” – Carole Miguel