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GYROTONIC® private and GYROKINESIS® group classes with Michele Curtis

GYROTONIC® private and GYROKINESIS® group classes with Michele CurtisGYROTONIC® (often called The Expansion System) is a method of exercise designed to strengthen, lengthen and increase mobility as the body moves through space. In a private session you will learn short sequences of movement to isolate different key areas. The instructor will guide you with precise body mechanics to help engage the correct muscles and joint areas allowing optimal flexibilty within a safe range. It is perfect for all types of bodies including those with limitations due to injuries, poor alignment, repetitive stress and degenerative disease. The practice is sometimes flowing and invigorating and other times meditative and languid.

Students of GYROTONIC® will build strength and flexibility allowing the body to experience full expansion and freedom in daily life activities.

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